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MAC Makeup Eyeliner Gel

   MAC Waterproof Eyeliner Gel Makeup and soft texture, rich and smooth and unique creamy gel technology, the high purity of color, silky texture rendering, smooth picture of the strong lines. Just a simple makeup just a relaxed, starting from the inside corner, the end of eye direction along the lash roots to rise, now lasting concentrated charm makeup. 24 hours a day lasting new waterproof formula, keeping the weather is not blooming. On makeup techniques draw is higher than the contours of the eyes, eyelids, MAC eyeliner outline Note the smooth and convergence is slightly elongated at the end of eye.
MAC Eyeliner Gel wet and dry never smudges of black, super waterproof, anti-sweat, quick-drying, will not be blooming, MAC Makeup Eyeliner Gel hypoallergenic composition is not irritating to the eyes, compared with traditional liner products, unique superior fixing technologythe texture of the performance of the stronger metallic luster effects, higher color saturation, the thickness of the lines is easy to control, the beginner can easily use the essential products for the professional makeup artist.

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